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Resilience is a key component in the primary prevention of stress at work.

Resilience is the capacity to mobilise personal resources to tolerate and overcome adverse events without experiencing stress, and to grow and develop as a consequence of such events. Some aspects of resilience are personality dependant whilst others are skills determined. All elements can be learnt and strengthened.

Managers and staff have a responsibility to be as resilient as possible against the uncertainties of everyday working lives. Resilience at work is about personal attitude towards work and the events that take place in work and the working environment.

Resilience Assessment Questionnaire

The purpose of completing this questionnaire is to help you identify the elements that need your attention most when strengthening your resilience. The questionnaire is based around the eight elements of the resilience framework as shown in the diagram below.

©Resilience Development Framework

How to complete the assessment

Answer the questions in each section by choosing the response that relates the closest to how you feel. Think about your domestic and work experiences as they are today and do not dwell too long on each question.

When you have completed a section, click on the link at the end to move onto the next one. Your section assessment value will be displayed.

When you have completed all 8 sections, you will be presented with an overall score and an initial overall assessment. You will also be able to print out the overall assessment and section scores for you to use as a reference for future course work or assessments.

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