Management Advisory Service

Management Advisory Service

The Management Advisory Service

Welcome to MAS!

We are specialists in Organisation and Leadership Development and Corporate and Personal Resilience.

We provide analysis, consultancy, facilitation, mentoring, training and coaching services that transform corporate culture, enhance staff wellbeing and performance, and prevent work related stress.

This cuts the costs of sickness absence and presenteeism, and improves bottomline organisational performance.

What we believe in is evidence based and informed by psychological research:

For more information on what we do, please click on the links below :

You’ll also find lots of free information, tools and tips on this site:

  • Culture transformation tools such as our Manager’s Code
  • Articles - both our own papers and others on the issues that drives us such as Wellbeing and performance, corporate culture, personal resilience.

Call us now on 01242 241882 or contact us to discuss how we can help enhance your organisational performance.


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